mx25l2006E spi flash damaged on dell vostro1540 and so no power any more

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    hi every body
    i received a few days ago a dell vostro 1540 with no starting issue
    first of all i thaught it's power units problem but after two days of investigating every thing is good speeking hardware nothing wrong
    but when reading with an universal programmer both of the two bios spi flash (mx25l3206e=4Mb flash wich file dump is good and with no errors) and lpc fw for kbc (mx25l2006E=2Mb flash) wich is attached to the NPCE781BA0DX-GP kbc controller i discovered that it's (mx25l2006) is totally blanc as erased and with no info only zeroes (00) or ff means damaged
    and with no data of such firmware in my database wich cause the total halt of laptup i'm stucked in with no issue...
    please if any one have a solution all help is welcome
    BR board ID.jpg spi chips.jpg
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    find a dump from a similar and flash it ?
    buy pre flashed on ebay ?