My ADB 5720SX Satellite HD PVR have locked down / encrypted my hard drive. How to nuk

Discussion in 'PC Hardware' started by RamGuy, Dec 28, 2013.

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    My ADB 5720SX Satellite HD PVR have locked down / encrypted my hard drive, I was going to upgrade my HD PVR from 500GB to 2TB (max supported due to the firmware not allowing GPT) but something went wrong along the way.

    Its supposed to be quite straight forward, just remove the stock hard drive, install new one, boot up and it downloads the software using ethernet and satellite, wait for it all to finish and you are good to go. What I did not know was the fact that the PVR is not able to initialise hard drives, one must connect it to a system and initialise it as a MBR drive before the PVR is able to format and download anything to it.

    My problem is the fact that it seems like the PVR is actually capable of locking down, encrypting or whatever it does in order to prevent people from extracting recordings from it even though its not able to actually utilise it. So when I try to initialise it using Windows it only reports I/O device error upon trying to initialise it, it won't even show in the CMD using diskpart commando lines. Trying to boot Linux Mint using the disk utility of Linux Mint and the Linux terminal is not working, neither is diskutil in the UNIX terminal. I also tried to use Hirens Boot CD with its parted magic, hdderase, darks boot and nuke.. Nothing seems to work.

    Surely there has to be some way to get the HDD accessible again so I can start over? I don't care about the content of the hard drive, all I want is to initialise the disk so I can actually get it to work in my HD PVR. Any thoughts on how to do this?
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