My Experience with Win7v*

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by pkaji123, Aug 8, 2010.

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    Aug 22, 2009
    I am opening this new thread to share my mad experience with win7**,this is really a new experience for me,ok! here i go..

    I have heard a lot about that site,finally registered,They gave me a VIP membership for free(for which i am thankful even now),I offered to share a lot of Fresh Genuine Keys from my friend's Technet account(he don't care it) for the members over there,so i did,a lot of other keys too,i think some of the members know it,At last I got a good gift from them,you may think what it is,its nothing but "A Permanent BAN",It was a shock for me..

    You may think why did i got it,the reason is-I did ask for a Title namely "Key leaker",they said they need to create a new group for giving a title,also they said they will,but in a few seconds,i was banned permanently,you may think why i am posting this here,because this section is for Chit-Chat,At that time the thing came to my mind is MDL's recent annoncement,that's up the matter,however i created a new account to ask is there any wrong in my side but shortly the same heppend to that acc. too,i am not interested in blamming any site or other,just to share my exp. with you guys...

    But I still like my beloved MDL Friends over there..

    Mods,please feel free to lock this thread.if i said anything wrong..
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    Well, we all have got our position. As you can see, there are different politics and opinions on how to do what we're doing...we have ours and Win7Vista has theirs. You may decide for yourself - we don't want to affect any position or decision.
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