My new computer is having internet connection and some programs are not working

Discussion in 'Windows 7' started by irishred, Jan 27, 2012.

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    My new computer is homebuilt. I have windows 7 ultimate x64. This is what I have in Hardware.
    Asrock fatal1ty mobo
    nocture D-14
    16 ram
    Sapphire toxic 6950 2GB
    1 128gb ssd
    3 hhd
    pioneer blu ray drive
    Did not overclock yet.
    Home network connection
    My programs and software was in Vista x64 which had no problems. Before I tranferred them to my new computer, I used the Windows 7 upgrade advisor and they all passed for compatiablity. Since
    I downloaded just the x64 ulitmate from here and everything works except explorer 9 x86 and some of my programs that worked just fine in vista x64 but not in windows 7 x64.I also having some trouble with my router. My IPS DSL has sent me 2 new routers and they sometimes don't hold the internet connection. I checked troubleshooting windows connection, it shows connected and cannot find problem. I constantly having to reset. IPS says my internet connection is working from their side and that maybe it's a software problem. I checked for spyware and viruses, there are none. Should I download both x86 and x64 and do a clean install and will that solve my internet connections and programs to work correctly?
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    Can you connect to the internet via your network using a different computer? If so then the problem is likely your computer. If not then the problem could be either your computer or your network. If your trustworthy ISP says the modem and router are working properly then that settles that.

    But if you're having "some trouble" with your router, well ... I'd suspect it. Can you connect to the internet without using the router ... direct from the modem to your computer? If that works then your router is likely bad.

    Can you connect your computer to the internet using a different network ... a friend's network perhaps? Sometimes you just have to do the heavy hauling and move your computer somewhere else and see if it works there.

    Or you could just wipe your drive and do a fresh install of everything. That generally cures a lot of things if you determine the problem is your computer.
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    Jan 22, 2011
    My modem/router/wireless combination is working now. I just had to follow directions more closely but only the windows explorer x64 will work not the explorer x86. So far most of programs are working fine. Is it important to have explorer x86? Some of programs from old computer have english language missing which is the reason they are not opening. Thanks for the suggestions. I did do a clean install and still have the same problems regarding some of my programs.
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    Try to scan with Combofix