Mysterious hang/reboot/BSOD - STOP: c0000018 - after 14-Apr-2015 Updates

Discussion in 'Windows 7' started by Myrrh, Apr 17, 2015.

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    Several Windows 7 x64 machines, at first reboot after installing this month's updates, will crash with this error message (found by using "prevent automatic restart on system failure" F8 bootup option).

    STOP: c0000018 {Conflicting Address Range}
    The specified address range conflicts with the address space.

    This is the only text that appears on the blue screen, no faulting module identifier, etc.

    After the failure, some machines wanted to run Automatic Repair, choosing to start normally got them up and running after one or two more tries. Of course, this is happening so early, there is no further evidence in the event logs.

    I am not sure yet what is the cause nor which of the several updates triggered it. Will need to go back and read the KB articles and see if any of them have to do with memory management or device drivers, the message seems to indicate that sort of thing.

    Apparently if no user was logged on when the updates installed, a reboot wasn't required. So this problem may be lurking down the road for some of you.

    Note: just found out the same thing happens on Server 2008 R2, at the first and subsequent reboots *after* the reboot from installing updates. I had to choose "start normally" twice to get it back to normal.
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  2. ELGriego

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    Mar 20, 2015
    Hello Myrrh
    I also experienced a BSOD which I have not had 1 fortunately in 8 years on my machine I believe it pertains to this Update 2823324 allegedly Microsoft has advised users to remove this patch
    and it was supposedly removed also in WU by them. Not all users were affected by this update but I guess they are using caution since everyone has different configuarations and versions of the Windows OS.
    The BSOD here indicated a Memory Management issue but of course I ran memtest and my memory was fine. Hope this helps anybody interested that may have had any type of BSOD.
  3. Mr.Sir

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    Apr 2, 2015
    I had these hang/reboot and going sleep after a recent update. but no BSOD, only one repair prompt.I'm not sure it's after 14 Apr, but definitely after 04 Apr. and it's win 8.1. I'm not sure those updates are same for 7 and 8.1. many are. but stopping the sppsvc service fixed the problem for me. i' not sure that is the case here too. check it out and reply. i only had seconds before it would start freezing and corrupted menus and windows, but if i stop sppsvc service quickly just after boot. it would be all well. it's weird. i'm still looking for a way to permanently disable sppsvc. i tried re installing kms a ton times. it's doesn't help.
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    Dec 23, 2009
    The only thing I can find on KB2823324 is dated back to April 2013??