Need a little bit of help with WHS :)

Discussion in 'Windows Server' started by Gruelius, Jul 31, 2009.

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    Jul 31, 2009
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    After googing for a long while and finally signing up to this forum (used blog posts from here quite a few times to get around win xp nagging)

    Anyway originally i got a OEM build from uncle torrence and installed that thinking antiwpa would work on it and of course it hasnt. Since then ive learnt about SLP activation and what not.

    So i ran oembios.exe and i got the line

    "F: HP & Compaq OEMBIOS.CAT CRC=CD4E1902"

    So i grabbed the DMI bootcd to modify the SLP 1.0 string to HP to get it to work, then when i ran OEMBIOS.exe i had two more lines

    "F:Hewlett-Packard OEMBIOS... blah"
    and the same of ^ lol

    Running the activation script from Fixedbit's whs disc maker says it works but after restarting, running msoobe.exe /a comes up with the activation panel and tells me i have 13 days left.

    Am i right in thinking that i have not activated it and i will probavbly need to make a disc and reinstall?

    I have a Pheonix Award Bios based motherboard.

    Also how do i check that the DMI tool worked?

    And if someone has a comprehensive wiki on how slic and slp works in detail that would be great :) as i understand its just strings in the bios identifying the motherboard as a OEM board, allowing it to be activated easily. What i dont get is what the OEMBIOS things are for lol

    Can you do a bootloader for the slp thing?

    Can i use the Evaluation ISO to create a HP OEM disc using the WHSmaker?

    And thanks for all the great work for all who have been releasing tools :D
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    Jul 31, 2009

    I used the oembios changer to change it to the HP OEM bios and... its activated :D

    thankyou all! (ill be making guides for noobs later on)