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    Dec 9, 2018
    Before you ask yourself and me why should I use such crap messaging service, let me first explain everything.

    Reasons lies in specific situation. I wouldn't ask this if I'm not stuck and desperate at this moment, about this problem.

    I really, really need to contact one person (or at least, deliver one message), who own Youtube account. If I was able to do this in real life, or on any other messaging service, I would already did it.

    Person I seek deactivated Facebook (although not permanetly deleted it), and I'm not aware of any other social network we can connect (I did search everything multiple times). Any messaging service which works with phone number - not possible, because I was off my country for few years, changed number, and lost number of person I seek.
    There is no any persons in real life between us, so there is nobody I can ask to direct me.

    Only possibilities lies in real life search (which I'm doing all time, but so far, without result, and I can't know if I will ever have success or not), or by making any contact through Youtube, as Youtube is only one account which is left (or at least, which I'm aware of). I noticed some activity in that account in last year (as subscribing or liking videos), so I'm almost sure it is still used, reason more to press on that way. Other thing is, we are friends from past, and I have no doubt, if person I seek become aware of that, she will use any way to contact me (I already provided "business" email on my Youtube accounts I created only for this purpose, so it is visible - more on that later in post).

    There is no videos uploaded on Youtube, so I can't use comment to get attention, or provoke Youtube to send notification.

    I also have no way (or I do just do not know how) to get email which is used with that Youtube account. If I could get email adress, I would send email of course and chance is high my email wouldn't pass unnoticed.

    I did make few accounts on Youtube. With my real name, and with nicknames which person I seek should recognise. One of these accounts, I even confirmed by phone number (bought one cheap phone and Sim just for that), so it is verified.

    But there is no anything I can do to send message or email, or to reveal email.

    Than I did come to idea to create few accounts (already mentioned), and subscribe all of them, in hope to get noticed. Which frustrated me today, I tested this between my Youtube accounts. When I subscribe - that does not provoke any notification! Not on Youtube, not on email. Looks like that is reason why my subscriptions don't net any result.

    And now we are in front of problem. What can I do from this point?

    I did try to use chat, search some tutorials how to add friends (by being friends on Youtube, should, as they say, enable messaging) there, but I have no any success. Friend list on my accounts is simply empty, "People you may know" (or something like that), I do not get any of such suggestions by Youtube.

    Their help on site say you should give a person link as invitation for friendship on Youtube. But of course, how I can do it when we are not connected in any way?

    There is some help also claiming it is possible by using "people you may know", but I do not know how to use that.

    Funny thing is, when I google "youtube people you may know", I get results as people asking how to get rid of getting suggestions for "people you may know". I, on the other hand, want it opposite, want it enabled but do not know how.

    Any of your suggestion or direct help is more than appreciated. Whatever way I have to take, I will take it, be it legal or not, all I need in the end is to get person I seek notified, and to be able to see my account(s) (by that way, it is possible to recognise it is me).

    - is possible to somehow reveal email associated with that account?
    - is there anything else I can do to provoke notification (subscribe doesn't do it)?
    - is there any way, to still be able to send message somehow?
    - is there way to contact Youtube support or some of their employee, in such way I'm able to explain thing just like I'm doint it here?

    about this last idea, I did try to check is such thing possible by reporting that account (but I did not do that), or by using any reporting method on site for whatever problem. But all of that leads me (maybe I did not try every way, I do not know) to accuse that account by something false, and I did not see I would be contacted by any employee of Youtube, so I give up. Making false report, without possibility of explaining what is real problem, would gain nothing (except some of my accounts would maybe get blocked). Also searching for any direct support by them failed, all leads to already generated questions and answers.

    Tnx in advance!
    If anybody would like to help directly for whatever reason, I can provide link to account.