Need Help bios mod of insyde bios[

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    Need Help bios mod of insyde bios

    first sorry for my poor english

    i have acer 5315 and it has insyde bios and usb (u)efi boot feature has been disabled
    i founded something about efi boot feature from link:marcan's vt enable for insyde bioses
    and i founded that site about efi boot and vt enable from efi shell after booted link:enable vt efi way

    before i need to said i don't cafe about vt enabled or disabled because my cpu doesn't support for vt
    from marcan's python scripts can dump bios modules and a module setup utillty bios settings can be change marcan's way that's it just change feature from [disabled] to [enabled]

    acer 5315 v1.45 bios setup utillty dump shows settings and can be enabled for usb efi boot feature

    One Of [0x54] ‘USB Driver Select’
    \Help text: ‘EFI USB: Access USB devices in Shell. Legacy USB: USB devices boot and access in DOS’
    Option ‘Disabled’ = 0×0 Flags 0×0 Key 0×0
    Option ‘Legacy USB’ = 0×1 Flags 0×1 Key 0×0
    Option ‘EFI USB’ = 0×2 Flags 0×0 Key 0×0
    End One Of
    default legacy USB mod actived but i want efi USB but how i can make it i don't know
    if someone knows please help
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    May 3, 2009
    anyone help ?