Need help changing my bios flash screen!!!

Discussion in 'Windows Vista' started by awntech, Jun 20, 2007.

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    Need help changing my bios flash screen!!!
    Please help me change my flash boot screen!!

    I read many tutorials but I still cannot get changing my flash boot screen!

    I have downloaded sp26763.exe from HP website and it flashes and works great!

    I have Compaq Presario SR1611NX and I am POSITIVE I got the right bios from hp because I already updated it!!!

    However when I follow tutorial to change flash screen to a custom image and I do step by step making sure everything perfect. But it doesn't work!!

    But when I go to use the program to flash it says "command line parameter error"
    or something close to that. I did a google search and someone on forum recommend
    to install halfway then 'swap/switch' the 313.rom file midway between the installation
    to 'trick' the HP flash installer into installing the 313.rom that has been updated
    with a new .bmp image. (yes I converted from tiff to Award BMP not xp BMP, etc)

    I tried that too, it got me past on more level, and for a second it even says its already
    'flashing in progress', but then it kicks right back out and says something about a
    checksum error. I have used many other flashing utilities, even boot in pure dos mode
    etc, but to no avail! I really want to flash/change the boot screen and get rid of the
    default "COMPAQ" screen on my SR1611NX Compaq Presario.

    Can you please help me? What am I doing wrong? How can I bypass the checksum error?
    IS there a way to FORCE a flash no matter what? Why won't it let me replace the picture?
    I did everything just right, just like in tutorials, then why doesn't it let me flash the

    Thank you for your time sirs!

    Anxiously awaiting your reply,