[Need Help Urgent] Customize Multi Software Installer

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    Hi All Pro

    I am noob in software, and my boss needed me to create some kind of software or patch file that can do multiple task on installing software that our company use, the procedure like below:

    1. Create a user with password <if this cant never mind.
    2. Install dot net framework 1.1 < This is must
    3. Install dot net framework 2.0 < This is must
    4. Install MPMPrerequisite < This is must A program that my company create
    5. Install MexMPM 2.6 < This is must A Program that my company create
    6. copy all the dll needed to C:/Program Files/MexMPM 2.6
    7. Copy Pictures 001 to C:
    8. Set Pictures 001 as wallpaper.

    I need a patch file or software that can set it to install the software 1 by 1 and then can be use in Windows XP & Windows 7, it can be plug and play to install with a USB drive, no any software require, so is there some way to make it with any software or writing any script? please teach me how to write it or do the software for it please.

    Additional Info: All the installations file have been download and put on a folder went installations I cant access on network or internet any of software that require network or internet cant be use
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    Try ** Windows Post Installer **


    Try ** Windows Post Installer**
    or other software on MSFN.org bulletin board..

    Hope this helps.. :p

    xx Robbie xx