Need help with getting the files to make OEM Disc

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    Never mind after working on it all night and now here at 3AM I decided to scrap the idea and just use a Activation killer for windows XP, I was thinking about doing somewhat close to a official Fujitsu install but I decided to scrap the idea. The lifebook T4215 and the T4220 that I got are just units in my collection of computers.
    I recently got a Fujitsu Lifebook T4215 from an aunt of mine. I am tring to make an OEM disc of Windows XP Tablet Edition for the unit and I found an old thread were this was covered and I manage to get WinXP_MULTIOEM_v1.rar but I am unable to find links for the other files needed. I am installing through a PXE server so I could actually edit it easy without burning it. I was an idot and forgot to back up the files that would make this easy from the windows install that was on it. I need 
    WINXP_MULTIOEMv2.1_by_sushil1576.7z and 
    WinXP_MULTIOEM_Addon_UpdatedbySushil1576.7z. I am trying to save $14.95US for a set of recovery disks for the unit.
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