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Discussion in 'Windows 7' started by blindman00, Aug 19, 2012.

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    Aug 19, 2012
    I have a Lenovo y570 with a seagate 750 GB harddrive running windows 7 home premium i recently formatted my drive and then i tried to install ubuntu on the drive i then made a dumb mistake and i deleted all partitions on the drive :C after this i couldn't use my disk drive, it still opens but it doesn't read so i cant install another OS via disk, I then attempted to install ,via usb stick, windows 7 home premium but it said i had no optical drive :C please help
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    just a bit confused....
    1 - check on the bios if your harddrive is seen and working properly
    2 - if yes, at Windows installation, if you choose custom, you'll be prompted to where install, format your 750 GB hd, create two partitions(suggest 80gb for install Windows, and the rest for your data)
    - if no, unplug your HD, plug externally with adapter or internally with sata cables to another Windows machine(7 better), and try with Disk managment if the disk is seen as RAW or whatever..)

    then let us know :D
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    If you deleted all partitions on your drive, you may as well repartition it. I like GPartEd to do that but any good partitioning program will work. You can download Seagate's tool and use it. It used to be called Seatools.

    Saying "you have no optical drive" sounds to me like you're trying to boot from a non existent drive. Check CMOS Setup and make sure your boot order is appropriate for what you're trying to do.

    But, I'm confused too, C: is your primary hard drive not an optical drive. Is the message your getting saying no optical drive or no hard drive? At any rate, _alex_ is right, pulling the HDD and checking it on a different computer is a very good idea. If your machine has an optical drive and your are getting a "no optical drive" error message ... that drive may have failed.
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    that is referring to CD/DVD Rom not hard drive.