Need Lenovo G580 (2689) Latest BIOS Frimware

Discussion in 'BIOS Mods' started by Bat Man, Jan 21, 2013.

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    Dec 31, 2012
    hello guys first of all merry cristmas to all the community members.

    well my concern is recently purchased Lenovo G580 (2689)

    Product ID - 59324061

    before 3 days and there was no operating system pre-installed in it i mean its a DOS version.

    The problem is i want to make a clean install of Windows 8 but how ever i come to know that for installing windows 8 i need the updated BIOS thats supports UEFI mode.But the thing is when ever i enter the BIOS i can only be able to find 2 options i.e AHCI and Compatible mode i am nbale to find the UEFI mode.I searched over the Lenovo Drivers site but am unable to find the latest Driver/Frimware for my laptop.

    kindly somebody help me to get the exact frimware for my laptop which supports EFI/UEFI secure boot

    well my BIOS version is LENOVO 62CN41WW, 10-09-12

    refer to the screenshot----------> 28v3nq.jpg

    well as you can see the image it says UEFI is enabled...but i dont find the EFI option for secure boot.....

    my question is if i requesta BIOS MOD will i get the EFI secure boot feature??