Need some help with a possible mod for HP dv6z (Insyde); OEM:SLP.

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    EDIT: I have taken a stroll over to the Insyde BIOS mod request section.

    I have also verified my SLIC is at 2.0. The loader was, in fact, giving a different result for my laptop.

    This thread may now be deleted.

    I thank you for your patience and not flaming for me posting a potential request in a non-request section.

    Hi everyone.

    I've been attempting to do research on all this Windows 7 activation since I first met anemeros and joined the Chew team.

    I still continue to support the project, but on my own laptop, I would like to have an OEM:SLP Ultimate activation of Windows 7 on it, rather than installing a patch directly to the software I use to help the project.

    There's a super-ridiculously large wealth of information about all of these different methods, and keys, and different BIOS mods, and all of it.

    But much of the information, well, I'd prefer to treat most of it as outdated, as I cannot be too sure about obtaining information that might no longer be useful.

    I know what the loaders and such do, and are, and I think I understand the whole idea behind certs and .BIN files. I think.

    But trying to find any worthwhile tutorial that CLEARLY explains the different models of laptops which can and cannot be modded are nary to be found, and to be frank, I cannot trust information which may not exist, or might be outdated.

    I've read over several of the tutorials here in the forums, and albeit, they are precise and clear; perhaps I am just over-reading them too much, but even after light scrutiny, I still cannot seem to understand exactly what it comes down to, regarding OEM:SLP activation.

    Here are some things that are really throwing me for a loop, and that just seem to confuse me:

    1. Out of all of the different OEM:SLP keys that exist for Windows 7, is there a key for an HP OEM:SLP Ultimate install that exists? If not, then what key should I use? The OEM Dell key? Or the Lenovo key?

    2. What all do I need to do a BIOS mod? How do I check if I need to mod the BIOS? (See below.)

    a. I am fairly sure that with the recent advent of Windows 7 being released, new BIOS updates have come out for all different types of laptops that used to have Windows Vista installed on them, allowing the SLIC tables to be changed from 2.0 to 2.1. The issue lies within mine. I have a quandary that questions the validity of whether I really do or do not have an SLIC 2.1 table. It involves the following:

    i. The current BIOS version of my laptop right now is F.17. I got my laptop with Windows Vista on it, and a 2.0 SLIC was originally identified on it, as it had the BIOS version F.14. I formatted the laptop the same night I got it, and installed W7 promptly. I have no idea if the F.17 firmware update changed my SLIC to 2.1 or not.

    Looking at the BIOS Backup Toolkit V2.0, I notice that my information says: Type: Insyde BIOS /ACPI 2.0.
    Vendor: Hewlett-Packard
    Version: F.17

    I can only assume this means that I have an SLIC of 2.0.

    But if that's the case, then the following picture cannot be accurate:
    Link removed because of my post count; sorry. :(

    The picture details the information given about my ACPI version, and the hex dump of my SLIC table.

    Knowing that an SLIC 2.1 table has reserved flags as: 0x01 0x00 0x02 0x00, then how does the ACPI register as 2.0?

    Is the ACPI version different from the SLIC when flashed?

    (See below for further explanation.)

    This is the current BIOS version for my model of laptop:
    WinFlash for HP Notebook System BIOS (for Notebooks with AMD Processors) – Microsoft Windows Vista-Based

    The version is F.17. Links are not allowed for posts under 2. :(

    Now, what bothers me, is this:

    If I run an SLIC 2.1 loader on my laptop, and I use all the appropriate certs and such (Assuming for this scenario, I have a 2.0 SLIC), then will perhaps, RW Everything, or any other BIOS tool, actually READ the SLIC as 2.1?

    The reason I ask that, is because I think I may have a loader installed on my laptop, and it could possibly be fooling RW Everything into thinking I have an SLIC 2.1 table, when in fact, my BIOS might actually only be registered at 2.0. (I am unsure about the possibility of this, because I know that loaders only work on the MBR, but I just want to make sure by getting a second or third or fourth opinion.) How would I go about truly verifying that I have a 2.x SLIC table?

    3. What's the deal with all of these different certifications and bin files? Why are there so many? How do I know exactly which one I need for my BIOS?

    There's ones that I can download off here (MDL), and then there's the SLIC bins that you can make, located on d-faults' site.

    How do I know which ones work, which ones don't, and which ones I need for my BIOS?

    Also, what is the purpose of d-faults' SLIC maker?

    Sure, I can just make an SLIC, but then what would be the purpose of hosting SLICs here on MDL? Why host them if you can make them?

    What's the point? Is it for BIOSes that may not have an SLIC that has been made yet? So you can custom-make one just for your particular model of BIOS? (I might be dead-on right if you're thinking that, but this is still confusing me; I hate guessing.)

    As far as I know, I think that's all the questions I really have.

    So again, to sum it all up:

    1. Is there an HP OEM:SLP Ultimate key? If not, what do I use?

    2. Down to a pin, what do I need to do to mod a BIOS? Can a loader "fool" a programs' abilities to accurately identify an SLIC table number? And if not, then how do I truly verify I have an SLIC 2.1 table?

    3. How can I accurately identify that I have the 99% correct and most updated certificate and SLIC for my BIOS model? How can I identify that I don't (or do) have the wrong one? What if I download an old certificate for my laptop? How would I tell or know that I have downloaded an old cert?

    As you can see, I am being very picky, but with a goal as risky as this, I can't be too sure, and overlook something.

    I hope the responses to my post will also clarify this whole modding ordeal for other users.