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    Aug 4, 2017
    Appreciate you reading this post.

    Here is what I would like to achieve and hopefully somebody can explain how for me to get from PT A to PT Z.

    My current network set is a basic home setup - coax comes in and is connected into a cable modem, which then goes into a router. After that it goes throughtout my condo via CAT5E to multiple GbE switches for wired and then the main router is a older "N" router,which at the other end of the condo is a "AC" based AP. This system has worked well for the 17 years I have lived her.

    No what I want to acquire - add a different network that has internet availability, with the ability to have ports forwarded to this 2nd network as well as having it able to go online. What I need to acquire is to keep these 2 networks from comminicating. Reason being is that I am slowly acquiring some IOT devices and would like the IOT devices (Smart Outlets, Electrical Switches, etc) to intermingle with the "HOME" lan.

    I have enough routers, switches & computers to accomplish this (6 routers of different generation, 5+ 5 & 8port Gb/s dumb switches, 5+ IOT devices ande I believe 6 computers. I also have a RaspberryPi 4b that if possible would like to integrate that into the mix if it doesn't cause many issues.

    My reason for wanting do this is to isolate the two from each other as I am going to have IOT Cameras running Blue Iris and the cameras will need to write and has access to a network's computer's hdd/SSD.

    So, please let me know how I can have 2 networks in the same hardware that cannot even see each other.

    Thanks in advance,