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Discussion in 'Windows 7' started by tedsatola, Jan 19, 2012.

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    Jan 6, 2012
    I've just built my 1st machine and am just about to install Win7 Utilimate. Before I begin I would like some advice re partitions. My new PC has a 1TB hard disk, so I was going to get Windows to create a primary "System" partition of 100GB during the installation process (I know that's overkill, but I have a lot of Apps installed on my current PC - the Program Files folder is over 20GB!!! - and I just want to ensure I'm covered for years to come...and I only really need around 500GB for Music/Data/Videos, so I've got plenty of disk space to play with)...

    I'm assuming I can then use the rest of the disk as a "Data" partition. Should I create this during the Win7 install, or create this after Windows has fully installed?

    I've been reading up on Backup/Restore options and to be honest I'm not too sure what to do. I've created my own Win7 Ultimate ISO DVD from one of the threads on the forum) and intend using the Windows Loader software to activate. Will this installation DVD have a built-in recovery option? Do I need to create some sort of "Recovery" disk? (if so - how?!). Should I use the built-in backup/restore options within Win7 to create a backup image once I have installed everything?

    I regularly backup all my data to an external disk, so I don't need to backup/restore any of that. All I'm wanting to do is to be able to do a recovery (without having to do a disk format & re-install) should I have a Windows issue and cannot load my PC or should I have a hard disk failure and need to install everything on a new disk.

    Any help/guidance anyone can give me would be appreciated!
    Thanks Ted.
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    Jan 6, 2012
    That's great, thanks chap! Inevitably I have a few more questions......

    Are you advising that I just create a single partition of 100GB and install Win7 onto that partition? Then, once Win7 is fully installed & ready, I create the 2nd "Data" partition using up the remaining disk space? If so, should I use the built-in tools within Win7 to do the partitioning, or should I use some other s/w?

    So if I ever have an O/S or boot problem, do I simply boot from the Win7 install DVD (ISO) that I have made and select the recovery console option?

    If I have a major issue and need to re-install Win7, I assume I can just re-install onto the 100GB System partition and then all my files on "Data" partition will remain in tact? (unless of course I have a disk problem!). Then, once back up & running, I assume I can load/install the image (of my C: drive) that I originally saved?

    If I have a serious disk issue then I assume the best plan would be to do a fresh Win7 install and then recover my old system/settings/data from the saved images and by copying over my saved files (from the backup media)?

    Should I create the images using the built-in tools within Win7? How do I go about 'installing' the "System" image that I have backed up (should I need to)?

    NB. Not sure what you mean by:
    "Then load your data that you wish to have on 'C' system and create a new image in addition to the last" Data will be going onto my new "Data" partition (assume D:) - not the C: system partition?! Are advising me to make a backup image of my "Data" partition too?

    Summary of Process
    1. Install Win7 on new 100GB partition (created during the install process)
    2. Create 2nd "Data" partition (once win7 has installed)
    3. Create image & save on backup media
    4. Install programs & use for a few days
    5. Create new image & save on backup media
    6. Copy personal Data over from backup media onto "Data" partition
    7. Create new image for "Data" partition?!

    Thanks again for your advice, it is much appreciated....:worthy: