New computer -- how do I make it more familiar?

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    I've been using a PC with Windows Vista for quite a while. It died the other day and I now have a new computer I'm trying to set up. The new one is an HP Pavilion of some number or other. It came with Windows 8.1 installed. Of course, that's driving me nuts. I finally figured out that I could have the more familiar desktop but it occasionally comes up with windows I had a hard time getting out of. But if I put the cursor way up in the top left corner, I can get back to my desktop and then close the other window down below. If there's an easier way, I'd love to hear it.

    But my main problem is that I had Windows Mail. I liked it fine -- it did what I needed which was to download mail from 4 different account. I need that again. I also need to be able to import the email from my other hard drive, assuming that I can make this hard drive enclosure thing work and get to the data.

    So what I need is info on what program to use that doesn't involve a bunch of hacks (I'm not good at that). And where to get it. I need a program that will allow me to import from the Windows Mail format.

    I have another little problem if someone can explain what the deal is, I be very appreciative. I installed Netflix from the app store but I did not get an icon on my desktop, which is what I would expected. Where did it go and how do I get to my Netflix account?

    I hope someone can help me yet tonight as I have work I need to do tomorrow and I really need my email program set up and, if possible, old emails imported into it. If I can't get that done tonight, I don't know what I'll do about work tomorrow. Please help. And keep in mind that even though I'm familiar with using computers, I'm also 73 and not quite as sharp as I once was.

    Thanks so much for any help.