New free broadcast software & Audio player - greediO

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    Feb 6, 2013
    I am a software engineer from Taiwan, I recently developed a audio broadcast software.
    It allows you to quickly build your own radio station within five minutes, and you do not need any audio codec knowledge.

    With greediO you can

    Create your own radio station.
    Chat with your audience in chat room.
    Listen to more than fifteen hundred Internet radio.
    Sing karaoke online.
    To receive calls from the audience.
    The exclusive sleep function allows you to sleep soundly.

    greediO is a completely free software.


    Step-1 : Download and install it
    screenshot -

    Step-2 : Drag music files or folder to greediO panel and press DJ mode
    screenshot -

    Step-3 : Right mouse click and copy your DJ page URL to your friends.