New to UEFI boot / issues.

Discussion in 'Windows 7' started by technobabble, Aug 18, 2015.

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    Aug 18, 2015
    I use a laptop for work that has an MSATA card for the company "image" This is set in the bios to secure boot ( enable ) and legacy support off. - This is all new. The previous image was MBR so no issues. I would boot into the bios one time menu select my disk and all was good. Since this new image ( UEFI ) based I could not boot from USB or CD or my "pod" anymore.

    Disabling secure boot allowed me to fresh load/clean Windows 7 onto the pod. I used Rufus and a DELL Win7x64sp1 cd to create a UEFI clean install of Win 7.

    However, when secure boot is enabled - from the same onetime boot menu I can see in the UEFI options the MSATA card and my SSD. When I select my SSD, the screen goes blank and then after a few seconds boots to the MSATA card ( company image ). I assume here that something is missing/not configured correcly and defaults back to the company device.

    If I enable "Legacy Option Rom's" support in the BIOS, then in addition to seeing the UEFI options on the one time boot menu, I also see Internal HDD, Internal SDD, USB etc.

    Selecting the same UEFI Disk now will boot into my OS correctly.

    I would like to fix this so I can disable Legacy Option Roms and re-enable Secure boot.

    I have loaded the USB installer into a VM trying to find the startup script but I cant seem to get a directory listing as it just says "Incorrect Perameter" when I type "ls".

    Have I missed something simple?