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Discussion in 'Windows Vista' started by mynameismichael, Sep 17, 2008.

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    Ive been reading the forums for a few hours now, but honestly I am suffering from information overload!

    I am trying to get Windows Vista 64bit working on a new computer. I am using the guide in this post: to try and figure out what I am doing.

    My Mobo is a Gigabyte GA-EP35-DS3L, which as far as I know uses ami bios (dont have the parts yet). Now right here I get a little confused, because there seem to be several methods to pick from, I dont know which is easiest, but I will pick the "Method 1- Easy Auto Method" from this thread: .

    The directions say to simply run this program, and wait for 2 green boxed. After that I flash my bios and this step should be done. (I may need help here... It is a clean HDD with nothing on it, can I just use this tool with my current HDD using windows XP but with my new computer?)

    Once I have this, I go to step 5 in the guide. I will install Vista (I am downloading it now, I will check the file, should I just make a normal bootable cd or an OEM cd that I read about? Also- should I have installed before with just leaving the serial blank?)

    Anyways, this is where I am a little but confused about the .xrm-ms file. My mainboard is Gigabyte, and I found a gigabyte .xrm-ms file on these forums, but the OEM serial has to match the .xrm-ms file and I dont see any for gigabyte? I think I need help on this step- not really sure what to do.

    If I get that figured out, then I can goto step six, which is 2 simple commands that I can copy/paste.

    Anyways, I need a lot of help, I tried and figure this all out, but this forum has so much information its hard for me to reduce it to what I need :)

    Maybe there is an easier method? The activators I guess arent 100% safe? Anyways, any help is GREATLY appreciated!

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    The .xrm-ms file is the certificate. The OEM SLP key does NOT need to match the certificate. But the certificate MUST match the SLIC table you intend to mod your BIOS with.

    You say you have found a Gigabyte.xrm-ms. May I have a look? Can you upload it or provide a link for it?
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