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    ok im having a problem when i try to mod my Windows XP home edition..ive made my win xp Pro exactly how i wanted it but when i try to do H.E. when it finishes i have 2 users instead of the one i created. im guessing that theres prob more created somewhere on the CD so i prob have to find that file and change it to only the user i created. now my question is what file on the windows XP H.E. cd that nlite modifies is used to add or remove users?
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    If you added the .NET, then you will have the .net user created. If you are using the runonce or other install for these, you will have to modify the registry also, after the install, to remove or hide the user. If you are using svcpack, create a command to remove the user at login.

    This is my best guess without knowing te specifics of the install. the info is vague at this point.

    BTW..Nlite is only useful for driver integration and building the bootable ISO (RyanVM is better)..The rest is fairly messy modification and can be easily done by manual.
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