No HDMI audio in win7

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    so i have this problem:

    "This problems happens on old AGP boards and also on some older PCIe boards. Newer PCIe boards don't have this problem. AGP boards weren't designed for multiple devices on the AGP bus. But this problem has an easy fix. At least for BIOS that rely on ACPI for IRQ routing. For those that don't, you can assign IRQ on the BIOS menu or under the OS.

    Certain ATI HDXXXX cards come with an integrated High Definition Audio Controller to provide audio over HDMI. They have an HDMI output. So you will get two devices on the AGP bus. "Bus 2 Device 0 Function 0" and "Bus 2 Device 0 Function 1". Since most BIOS don't provide IRQ Routing for more than "Bus 2 Device 0 Function 0" the graphics function, the HDA function won't get an IRQ and audio over HDMI won't work.

    There is a definitive solution for this problem. You need to edit the ACPI table of your System Board's BIOS. Not the Graphics card one! I am going to give a brief explanation on how I achieved this. In the hopes that this information might help others to fix their system board's BIOS too."

    so what i need is a moded AMI bios or a "hardware hack", pref a modded bios :eek:

    hardware hack:
    first step is change pci cards in slot's and, if you have that option in mb bios, IRQ settings until you get SAME IRQ (in pci table after bios boot-up) for hdmi and vga. After that, CHANGE your computer driver from acpi to :"Advanced Configuration and Power.." and reboot PC. You don't need APIC table in your OS. This is sh..t. (Software emulation IRQ recourses from APIC table in your board bios). Win2K working perfectly w/o this. After reboot you will have only - TRULY 15 IRQ's in device manager and pop-up window for new driver will surprise you ). Of course, you must enable Microsoft UUA bus driver.

    Don't worry. Most driver's, since W98, work perfectly when you sheering resources. All 24 IRQ's in XP and 255 in Vista are emulated and EVERY OS working through board resources (Unix, Linux, etc).

    3 guides on how to do it with award bios on agp;f=52;t=000143

    i however have a MSI 915gm4 with bios 1.3 (AMI) PCI-e and a geforce 240 gt
    Os: win7 my high definition audio bus controller gets code 12, becuse of the irq issue

    anyone knows about this and how to make it?
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    This error can occur if two devices that are installed on your computer have been assigned the same I/O ports, the same interrupt, or the same Direct Memory Access channel (either by the BIOS, the operating system, or both). This error message can also appear if the BIOS did not allocate enough resources to the device.
    Recommended resolution
    You can use the Troubleshooting Wizard in Device Manager to determine where the conflict is, and then disable the conflicting device.

    As a long shot you can try this. Run this command from DOS Set devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices=1 , now go into device manager and show hidden devices
    Now check through your audio listing for anything ghosted and uninstall it, might free up something for your device to use.