Noob BIOS modder, trying to mod Samsung Series 7 Slate BIOS

Discussion in 'BIOS Mods' started by matthewthepc, May 22, 2013.

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    May 21, 2013
    Hello! I'm completely new to BIOS modding, but I would like to enable the VT-x option in my Samsung Series 7 Slate's BIOS. Of course I don't want to mess something up, so if you guys would be kind enough to clear up some things and make sure I haven't made any big "beginer mistakes" that would be awesome :p

    What I did was download the Samsung BIOSUpdate tool for my slate, then downloaded the latest 13FW BIOS exe. I ran the exe file (making sure to lock the _Samsung_Update folder in TEMP), and a .rom file magically appeared in the directory. I opened it up in AMIBCP 4.53, then edited "CPU VT (VT-x)"'s Access/Use value to USER under the SysInfo folder and pressed Ctrl - S to save the ROM file.

    How should I flash the ROM file? I found AMIFLASH from, but it has an AMIBIOS folder and an Aptio folder. My BIOS says Aptio in it, so I opened up the Aptio folder, but inside there are folders for EFI, WIN, and DOS. Which should I use?

    Also, what's up with RW-Everything? In the BIOS requests section they have you upload a RW-Everything report, but I've not found a place to use it yet. I don't want to mess around with SLIC or anything, if that makes a difference (AFAIK my Windows is activated from like a store-bought license key, not anything in the BIOS).

    Finally, in the case that stuff does go wrong and I have a useless BIOS, I'm assuming that since it's an AMI BIOS I will be able to hook up a CD/DVD with a ROM file and overwrite the BIOS? Have their been any cases of this not working?

    If you could answer even one of my questions that would be really helpful.