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Discussion in 'Windows Vista' started by Deathgrimace, Jan 12, 2008.

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    Well i want to learn how to add SLIC table to BIOS files, but the tutorials seem somehow incomplete. is there a definitive like walkthrough or something step by step. if icould get through the first one i know i could duplicate. or maybe i just dont know what im talking about. Please help.
    the bios im tring to mod now is Award NF68_P31. Or if someone else has the time to mod it it would be much appreciated. Thanks alot.
    MB= EVGA 680i SLI T1
    BIOS= Award Phoenix NF68_P31
    i read that FZeven has already modded this BIOS, maybe i could reverse enginer it but where can i get it at?
    Okay i probably wasnt asking the wright questions, but i found what i was looking for so now ill try to learn some stuff. you modders rock!
    hopefully ill join your ranks soon enough.
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    We have got a special request thread and I suggest you to look on the stickies...