Not a Mod Request: HELP, broken UEFI NVRAM settings, Lenovo U410 - Pheonix Bios

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    Feb 19, 2013
    Hey all, Any tips at all you want to post here would be super awesome, I'm not a bios modder but I understand most of the systems pretty well...


    I think I really managed to ruin my new laptop and could use some expertise here
    I have a Lenovo U410 Laptop with the latest un-whitelisted Wifi BIOS installed
    it has been working fine without any issue until I did the following:

    I booted off a USB stick into a UEFI shell prompt (2.0)
    that I got here:
    I was following instructions here on editing my list of UEFI boot items:

    My goal to add my Windows 8 UEFI boot loader onto the list of available options so I could install Windows 8 onto my GPT formatted HD (i have linux already installed and didn't want to convert to msdos partition scheme)

    I used the 'bcfg boot dump' command which listed all of my default bios boot options including one annoying one called '\Windows Boot Manager' that was pointing to a no longer existing efi file..
    I deleted a few that I would never use, like Lan boot and some others then added the cdrom-boot.efi file from my USB stick..

    OK the good stuff below:

    Upon Reboot I can no longer access my BIOS via F2 or Fn-F2 or my Boot menu via F12, the system immediatly tries to boot onto USB stick,
    And persists until a USB stick is interested it just sits at black screen..
    Once a bootable USB is inserted it boots up fine..
    I have one with LILO on so I'm able to boot my linux partitions just fine..

    I unplugged the battery and CMOS battery and restarted the machine, this reset
    many bios settings to default, boot didn't repair the issue...

    I even booted a windows PE environment and Re-Flashed the Bios. but same problem..
    every time i boot into the shell the same 'bcfg boot dump' enteries persist.. I think they are stored somewhere in NVRAM, but I don't really understand how BIOS NVRAM works..

    Can someone help me!!
    I'm guessing that if i can wipe/format the NVRAM perhaps it will auto fill with default settings?!?!?
    I'm scared to wipe the NVRAM and brick my system..

    I can boot linux off my USB stick boot still, and tried wiping the /dev/nvram device, this only resets the RTC clock but not the rest of NVRAM..

    any help would be great!! I have screen captures and text dumps from UEFI shell also if those help.!!!

    PS: I hope this is an ok thread for this post.. thanks!