not able to open attachmnet file in hot mails

Discussion in 'Windows XP / Older OS' started by techy, Mar 20, 2009.

  1. techy

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    Mar 10, 2009
    I am not able to open attachment files received with E-mails from friends in hot mails account in my computer. but i able to open in friends computer.
    what the issue in my computer . please help me out from this issue........
  2. ApexNC

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    Mar 20, 2009
    From Hotmail Help Menu

    Here is some info from Hotmail help menu....Hope it helps

    Can't download or send attachments

    Windows Live Hotmail doesn't support all file types. If you send an attachment that Windows Live Hotmail doesn't support, the e-mail recipient won't be able to download or open the attachment. You can't unblock a blocked attachment after it's been sent. However, to send or receive an unsupported file type as an attachment, use one of the following methods, or ask the person sending you the attachment to do so:

    Compress the file.

    Show me how
    Use a zipped folder or a third-party compression program to compress the file, and then attach it to your e-mail message as a .zip file. See your software documentation for information about how to compress a file.

    Change the file name extension to .txt.

    Show me how
    1. Locate the file that you want to attach, right-click the file, and then click Rename.
    2. Type txt in place of the original file name extension, and then press ENTER.
    3. Attach the renamed file to your e-mail message. Remember to tell the recipient how to change the file name extension back after they download the attachment to their computer.

    Upload the file to Windows Live SkyDrive.

    Show me how

    SkyDrive is a free service that you can use to store and share your files online with friends or with anyone in the world. Use any computer connected to the Internet to access your files, and share your public files or folders with anyone by e-mailing them a link to the file or folder. You can upload files up to 50 MB in size, and you receive a total of 5 gigabytes (GB) of online storage space.

    To get started with SkyDrive, go to the Windows Live SkyDrive website.


    * Some e-mail programs, such as Microsoft Outlook, block certain types of attached files to help protect against viruses. You'll be notified if you attach a file that others may not be able to open.
    * For a free Windows Live Hotmail account, the maximum size for an attachment is 10 MB. For a paid Windows Live Hotmail account, the maximum size for an attachment is 20 MB. The size limit includes the message, encoding, and the attachment, if you added one.
    * The maximum number of attachments for each e-mail message is 50.

    Windows Live Hotmail doesn't support the following file types. Your operating system, firewall, or other software may also cause additional file types to be blocked.
    .ade .adp .app .asp .bas
    .bat .cer .chm .cmd .com
    .cpl .crt .csh .exe .fxp
    .hlp .hta .inf .ins .isp
    .its .js .jse .ksh .lnk
    .mad .maf .mag .mam .maq
    .mar .mas .mat .mau .mav
    .maw .mda .mdb .mde .mdt
    .mdw .mdz .msc .msi .msp
    .mst .ops .pcd .pif .prf
    .prg .pst .reg .scf .scr
    .sct .shb .shs .tmp .url
    .vb .vbe .vbs .vsmacros .vss
    .vst .vsw .ws .wsc .wsf