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    Oct 15, 2011
    Not the mdl news.. and not a serious discussion..
    But, my dear fellow members, how about the
    `news` that we get or do not get from the so-called
    ǹews media` ? Whenever something halfway interesting
    on this sad football of an earth, the media snap into action,
    pretending to provide us with information..
    they do a sad job, imho..
    when, for instance, some 200-300 people die in an air crash,
    they do the ẁhat-we-know-act`.. they don't know nuffink, needless
    to say, because the authorities suppress all the facts until the
    implications have penetrated through their thick skulls.. so
    the info that we as the public get is the same.. nuffink..
    it is almost as if they all signed a contract to do this what-we-know-act..
    now lets have a look at some run-of-the mill crime, for a change.
    Some murder, maybe.. only one dead person, so we do not have to
    go through the what-we-know-act; for the public is not shocked...
    so we send a photo of a policecar... that conveys no information,
    of course, because we all know what a police car looks like. The
    photo just costs bandwidth that we pay for.. so the media performed
    their trick; making us pay for useless bandwidth..
    now what if some 400 migrants drown in the Mediterranean?
    The public is not shocked, for migrants do that every day, in droves.
    So no need for the what-we-know-act.. a photo of a decrepit boat
    full of migrants is sufficient to steal our bandwidth. Even though the
    boat scores better in the way of victims than the odd airliner..
    and what if the media decide that the news is undesirable?
    Like thousands take to the streets to object against TIPP in Berlin?
    Our good media remain silent...let sleeping dogs lie..
    and we, brainless consumers, continue to pay for it.
    Are we crazy, or are we?
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    Sep 23, 2014
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    You are not crazy my friend. I think that it has a lot to do with what governments and politicians want us to see/know/not know. Here in USA right now they are hyping up the so called "mass murders" like "Sandy Hook" (Complete farce, made up by the government for more money. Watch the videos on YouTube, you can see the actors walking in the front door and out the back in a big circle.), Charleston SC, and the like. But they are not saying that cities like Chicago, New York, LA, and many more have murder rates that are through the roof, are some of the worst cities to live in, and all of them have VERY STRICT gun laws (All of them are Democrat controlled too, but I'm not going to get into that). They are also not showing us here that ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS that have been deported MANY times for VIOLENT crimes are being let go into this country to commit more VIOLENT crimes on a daily basis. This has now begun to happen in other countries as well, like Germany, Switzerland, etc. with the migrant floods moving through turning those beautiful places into third world countries.

    IMO there is a greater force in the works to get the entire world thrown into chaos and to make us kill each other off. Population control? NWO? I don't know, but that is sure what it seems like to me. The worlds "Elites" and rich are building bunkers to survive nuclear wars, Putin is telling his people to buy survival gear to survive nuclear war. Something big is coming, and I'm afraid that most of us are going to be caught with our pants down.

    So say what you want about me, call me a conspiracy theorist or that I have my tin foil hat on, those are just things people say when they have no evidence to show otherwise.

    One thing that you could do is STOP WATCHING MAINSTREAM MEDIA. ie; MSNBC, NBC, CNN, etc. Those are all government propaganda mills. Find alternative media like The Drudge Report and RT.

    *Also a good read, look up "The Black Awakening". It's not a movie or TV Show.
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