Notebook with 2 graphic cards won't start Windows 8

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    Hey, on my PC Windows 8 runs well, but on my HP Pavilion g7-1019eg Windows 8 doesn't start after the installation. At the "Getting devices ready" part the notebook shuts down and restart and then Windows 8 starts, but after a short time the screen flash and nothing happens. I think it has something to do with the 2 graphic cards, does anybody have the same problem or an solution? Sorry for my English, I'm German.

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    Installing Windows 8 developer preview on HP Pavillion g7

    I had the same problem as described above.
    But after I installed an available BIOS update (F.41) I could run W8.

    Then you can run W8, but it is still not stable due to the dual adapters. You may experience that the screen becomes (partially) invisible.
    If this happens, press Ctrl-Alt-Delete, log off, and log back on.

    To solve this, you have to install the Windows 7 display drivers, that can be found at:
    D:\SWSetup\Drivers\Chipset (for the Intel drivers) and
    (run setup in both places)

    Unfortunately, installing the Intel drivers has the side effect that Internet Explorer will crash. To prevent this, go to Internet Options -> Advanced and set the checkmark at the top (Use software rendering instead of GPU rendering).

    After this, you can install other Windows 7 drivers so that all functions of the g7 work as they should in Windows 8.