NVIDIA CUDA compiler problem

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    Jul 24, 2012
    I have SONY VAIO laptop with CUDA-compatible GEFORCE graphic unit and 64b Windows 7 operating system. Without any problems I have installed NVIDIA CUDA driver. All examples of CUDA calculations given by NVIDIA work perfectly - including the most advanced n-body simulations and animations. However I can’t load properly the source of any project into Visual C++ (either 2008 or 2010). The following error occurs: “Unable to read the project file: FILENAME” and some next ones.
    I have also problems when working in command-line mode. I put into one folder following files: program.cu (with NVIDIA or my CUDA example), nvcc.exe, cl.exe, vcvars32.bat, vcvarsall.bat, vsvars32.bat and cmd.exe. Unfortunately, when I type nvcc.exe program.cu I get an error message:
    “Visual Studio configuration file vsvars32.bat could not be found for installation at ‘./../../..’”.
    I would be very grateful for any advice which could help with this strange thing.