Odd HD partition Error

Discussion in 'Windows 7' started by rimmi2002, Oct 19, 2010.

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    Last night I was installing Win 7 to a 50gb partition of a 1.5 GB Seagate HD. I wanted to format the 50GB parition, but accidentally hit delete in Win7 Install menu. It deleted the paritition. Then I clicked the new button from the Win 7 installation menu and it made a new paritition and said it had to create another paritition for system files. I had no choice but to say yes and I did say yes. Had two paritions (100 mb and 48.0 GB) Installation went on as planned. Then after all the whole install was complete, when I tried to boot, after the bios page, I just saw a blinking "_" on a black screen. There was no CPU activity. No errors. The system just hanged there. Nothing else happens. After this I booted back into my XP install.

    Ran Partition magic to see whats going on with the new parittions. It gave me a few errors on the two new partitions. Then it showed the whole 1.5 TB drive as being "BAD" I cannot change settings on any individual parition. The odd thing is that all the partitions still show up fine in Windows explorer. I was able to format the 100 mb parition, but am not even able to format the 48.0 GB partition that the new parition is made out of.

    Luckily all my data is still there. Though can someone make sense as to what happened here? I have a feeling something got changed in the MBR of the drive. Is there a way to repair this? Or would I have to dump everything off the drive and reformat it again. Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks.
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    Try Partition Wizard boot cd for home which is free.
    As to that system reserved partition, try this. It works. If you have to reinstall, go for method 3. Very easy to do.


    The point to note that when is sys. reserved partition created which is on unallocated. Present windows 7 install with pre-existing partitions, select the partition to install on, and go.

    Perhaps, you can boot with Partition Wizard Boot CD, make fresh partitions and install. In case you have data on other partitions, then partition wizard free home allows you to resize partitions as you want without deleting any data. That does take a longer time than just partitioning on an empty or near empty HDD.

    Suppose you have a sys reserved, c: OS, and some other existing partitions, I would boot from partition wizard, delete the sys. reserved, and resize the win 7 partition to cover that sys. reserved.

    Sys. reserved partition is a headache and does not serve any purpose for nearly all consumers. I had that earlier, but long ago removed it through repartitioning through that tutorial.
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