Office 16 yes or no.... help required please chaps..

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    Hi all,

    Just a quicky chaps... I need to install 0ffice,... and I need to install it on win 10 pro, I've already got v 2.6.2 by cody, but I just wanted to know what would be the best version to install,... 10, 13, or 16.
    Also (I don't do this on a weekly basis, so memory not to good on this bit) do I need Vol or retail. and is it best to do an install offline?
    Really appreciate any help / advice / info anyone can give...

    Thanks chaps for any replies..

    all the best sadsack.

    oops sorry forgot to say looking for pro plus.

    Decided to go with this link... just need to know what to look out for?
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    I recommend Office 2016. Im running Windows 10 Education Volume and Office Pro Plus 2016 Volume without any problems. Also running Project 2016 and Visio 2016.

    I remember running Office 2010 back in the day, had alot of problems with spellcheck and errors.
    Office 2013 was a nice step up with new graphics.
    Office 2016 is great, smooth interface, plenty of features and compatible with older .doc/.ppt/.xls dicument types.

    • If you want to install Project or Visio they must be downloaded and installed before the main Office program. If I do it the other way around it seems to give errors.
    • If you DO NOT want save to OneDrive or any of the cloud features you can disable it via regedit and settings = Capture.PNG
    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
    Save it as "disable2016.reg" and run.

    Good Luck!