Office Professional Plus 2013 and Project and Visio

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    After finding this site from being pointed here for the DAZ Loader/Activator for Win7:

    forums dot mydigitallife dot info / threads / 24901-Windows-Loader-Current-release-information
    I have converted by machine to a VM and it is all activated...

    I need to install Office, Visio, and Project...

    What has left my head spinning is the whole variants of tools doing this AND the mentioning of "activating" windows...

    Thanks.. my windows 7 is all activated and updated.. THANKS! :)

    I just would like to know which tool is the best to activate:

    MS Office Professional Plus 2013

    And the best ISO suggestion if there is one.. I've gotten several... already... but each had a director full of tools for activation and they make mention of activating windows... and that is when I went.. WHOOOOOOOOOAAAAA Nelly! :eek:

    I don't want that messed with it is activated and working fine... THANK TO ALL INVOLVED....

    I will back up the VM, but still I would like to find the best tool to activate the above and the best suggest ISO for that tool...

    Thanks in advance....
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  3. mymslife

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    Mar 21, 2014
    Thank you... but...

    Those are the exact posts I've read... and went.. STOP THE BUS...I am way too dizzy.... :eek: :p

    Too much mentioning of activating windows etc.... :eek:

    I don't want it doing anything BUT... activating Office Pro Plus, Visio, and Project...

    I will rephrase this to cut to the chase...

    Which of the activators

    Activates ONLY Office Professional Plus, 2013, Visio, and Project and will not futz with my already activated Win 7? :confused:

    For the activator listed above... which ISO is considerd the best to use? :confused:

    I've read those posts before.. and other posts and that is when my head started to spin.... to many variants, with too little detail, at least for me, I like lots of details about what it is and is not going to do..... too many issues with problems in the past....

    Be specific, in that:

    Use X activator with Y ISO(s) and it only activates o,v,p or has options to only do so...etc...

    I like details... and details.. and details...

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    Hi hi hi ... who likes them not (i mean details) .... :D.

    If you want complete control over that process, i recommend using Microsoft Toolkit from my signature.

    It's parted in a Windows and an Office Toolkit. Both have an activation function that will temporarily start a KMS Emulator and activate the chosen Product only.

    The EZ-Activator has to be used with some caution regarding the correct Toolkit part to use :cool2:. It will install the matching Volume Key, activate the product and create a reactivation task (you should never run out of activation, although this also can be done manually twice a year :D.

    For more details ask more specifically ... :p.
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