Office Tool Plus V8.1 is released and Office 2021 Preview is coming now

Discussion in 'Microsoft Office' started by Yerong, Nov 22, 2020.

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    Thank you for your prompt reply
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    I've installed Office 2021, but the activation failed (although your tool said it went fine).

    Tried purging, resetting, removing and reinstalling activation/license without success.

    I solved only by using KMS_VL_ALL
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    Hi. Recently, I used Office Tool Plus to install Office 365 Bussines. I am a teacher and have a school office account with a subscription to the entire Office365 suite.
    However, I only want to install selected applications on my PC. And so I did. I installed Office, Word, PowerPoint and Teams. Of course, I logged in with my school account in these applications.
    A day later, after updating (probably) Windows, I have ALL applications installed on my computer. And I don't want them.

    What should I do? I wouldn't like to use KMS or anything like that, because since I have a legal account, it would be worth using. Can you ask for a hint on how to block the installation of all Office365 applications? Thanks. P.S. OTP - this tool is great! :)