OK who understand MS Office Digital Activation ?? Anyone ?

Discussion in 'Microsoft Office' started by curto1965, Nov 21, 2019.

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    Nov 16, 2017
    OK guys, our clients (all small business) purchase retail MS Office.

    What we usually do is

    1) Setup an Outlook.com account per business - so ClientxAToutlook.com
    2) When we get the Product key for the digital license we login to setup.office.com as ClientxAToutlook.com
    3) We then choose the correct product (based on date) that we have added to the subscriptions and use the link to install it to that machine
    4) We then centrally record 1) The Product key as originally given and the Generated Product Key that is presented in the portal - we keep a central register of each of these so we can match licenses to PCs
    5) Once the install is finished on the client machine (logged on as Domain Admin) we then confirm the product is activated and assigned to the corect ClientxAToutlook.com account, we then logout of the outlook.com account
    6) We then logout of the PC, and login as a normal domain user (multiple people use the machines), we then go into an Office app and it asks us to Activate , so we log back into the ClientxAToutlook.com account - it then presents us with a list of licenses which have NO iDENTIFYING FEATURES, no product code, no Key etc - it just lists the data and Machine 1, machine 2, machine 3 etc - all we can do is randomly select a machine and hope it is right

    Does anyone else get this last step and what is the correct way to go about this ?

    I know Microsoft wants every license to be tied to an individual Outlook.com account - but that is not what Small Businesses want and they do not need the heartache of managing multiple accounts, with different people logged into those accounts etc

    ANy ideas ?