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    What is the best method to use to change my bios compile\release date, also the manufacturer string? I noticed using wireshark that there are\were packets being sent to microsoft stats server with my mobo manufaturer info and a little other stuff! stats.update.microsoft.com fixed it, but i dont want tho go to update one day and get the Failure warning!

    Can anyone help, I noticed when using awardtool you can dump your bios which i did then found the correct bin file and changed the dates in that using hexworkshop, dont know what to do to build the bios again and still have the manufacturer to deal with, im pretty sure the cert im using (HP) have never released a pc using my mobo :)

    And after a little google I found a post with that problem the guys activation had fail, he posted the log old bios also company had never used the mobo he had :) I dont want to have to cross that bridge a new system is pretty much out of the question right now, suggestions, help, guidance!

    Thanks in advance!!

    Am i being too paraniod, or just cautious?
    What do you think, better safe than sorry!
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    Paranoid (at least for now)