only a few hickups w/ 8 after fresh install

Discussion in 'Windows 8' started by CaelThunderwing, Mar 16, 2014.

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    Feb 27, 2012
    well i finally upgraded (well did a fresh install. seemed no real diff between upgrade from 7 and a fresh install.) and only a few minor issues came up.

    i cant install the Toolkit to deal w/ KMS Activation (i had to do it manually via slmgr.vbs)
    or kmspico.

    atfirst i could install Java x86 but not x64 (had to update win8.1 then restart to get that to work)

    now only remaining small annoyance.. in Win 7 i Could use greenshot to take custom screenshots (select region then either copy to clipboard or save directly to a png) and paste into a Skype convo. but now in 8? i cant paste any image from the clipboard into skype.

    greenshot is how i share screenies w/ friends but as for KMS Activation, guess i just haveto manually do it everytime it's due.
  2. hellowasif

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    For MTK use the latest version it works fine. And coming towards X86 or X64 Softwares depends on which OS r u using is it 64 or 32 if u have installed 32 bit than look for software that r 32 bit or X86 and if u have installed X64 bit Window than look for X64 bit software. U can also take screen shot in Windows 8.x by pressing printscreen key but u have to manually share the pic by saving it via Paint or any Drawing software...!!!
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