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    I'm switching to Android. Yes, no Windows Phone for me anymore. Today I will be the happy owner of a Fairphone 2; the delivery guy is on his way to my home as I speak. :clap:

    Now I've been talking to a developer of Fairphone during a community meeting past week; it was a short conversation I had with him so sadly I couldn't ask everything I wanted. The main result of the conversation was that I must install the open-source version of Fairphone, one thing I was already considering.

    However! I'm very bound to use my Microsoft account for Outlook, Office, OneDrive, and Groove. So it probably comes to no surprise that these three apps are apps that I want to install. Do they work without Google Play Services? At the moment I am not considering using other apps (Outlook may be fine) since I have subscriptions running for both Office and Groove. It would be a waste of money to not utilize it.

    Also, can I update the OS with changes that I made (I know I can make them and contribute them back to Fairphone) without losing data on my phone?

    So far has Google (*cough* Ecosia) not being helpful to me so I hope someone can help me out here. :)

    Friendly greetings!