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    I moved from outlook 2007 to 2010 and noticed that my PST file has tripled in size for my Gmail account using IMAP. Looks like 2010 is downloading the entire message for all folders and not just the header. I can't find any options that would control this and was curious if anyone knows a solution.
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    Gmail on IMAP does not delete messages but "bin" them for 30 days then delete if you move them to "bin", moving to trash keeps them, also it does this mad thing of sending a message and keeping two copies, Outlook 2010 lets you create a non sending account that you can use for notes and calander/appointments and rss feeds, that can get the size down, also if you did not upgrade but reinstalled then as gmail doesn't ever delete anything by default then on the first send/recieve gmail will download everything that you have ever sent/received, there is an option in settings for just getting the header but that don't seem to work for me on gmail, log on to gmail via browser and get rid of the stuff from there.