Outlook (Pro Plus 2019 VL) - No SSO / MFA / Modern Auth Prompt

Discussion in 'Microsoft Office' started by Catalytic Deer, Mar 31, 2020.

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    Can anyone help me out with this. I've had no problem doing this for years, however yesterday I installed a fresh copy of windows 10 pro (MS download tool), and installed a fresh latest copy of Office Pro Plus 2019 VL (O365 deployment tool).

    When I open outlook and enter ANY office 365 email account, or outlook.com account, it brings back the standard windows credential prompt, rather than the single sign on / modern authentication / 2FA / MFA style prompt.

    Anyone know why this has suddenly started happening, and how to fix this?

    • I have tried both the latest version (I think LTSB2018 10357.20081) and the oldest version (LTSB2018 10336.20015)
    • I have tried manually creating the profile and selecting O365 / outlook.com