Packard Bell EasyNote E4 Bios Whitelist

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    I'm not sure if I came in the right place but I would like to ask a bios modding related question.

    I have the PB EasyNote e4000 series and I can not change this device: _NEC DVD +/-RW ND-6500A .
    Because the ROM has a whitelist inside it does not let me change the original parts (unless I buy it from Packard Bell :mad: ). This device does not work anymore. If I put another DVD +/-RW the bios doesn´t recognize it and tells me that I don´t have any optical device. So, the question is, can the bios be modded in order to let me change this device in particular?

    Please, give me an answer or an advice where to look for.

    I have decoded the bios. Here I let you all the file and the decoder too.
    If you can help me from here ... because I realy don´t know were to look for this whitelist.
    Someone told me that I could mode it to only bypass the CRC and with this will just do it. But ... I do not know the procedure.
    And one more think ... can it be modded for Windows 7 ?
    Thank you in advance!

    Link updated :