Permanently disable driver signature enforcement in Windows 10.

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    on my x86 windows 10 1709 pc i've a old, (xp times)(but newly baught) ess 1938 pci sound card. and i got the drivers( no .exe and some of its files dont have signature) for it from snappy driver installer.
    the driver works without disabling driver signature enforcement.
    but "sometime" after restart, the driver automatically uninstall. and i've to install driver again.
    but thats not the problem. sometime after restart i see that, driver is installed but volume is not working, and device is not listed in device i cant install driver in snappy bcoz it shows driver is already installed. now i cant install or uninstall drivers for it.
    to solve this problem i've to unplug sound card then start then shutdown then plug the sound card then start then install driver. now sound card is working again.
    its a tedious process.

    now i guess that x86 allows drivers without signatures but sometime windows 10 keep disabling those drivers by a scheduled task or something.
    i know that cmd such as bcdedit.exe /set nointegritychecks on or test mode now dont have any effect bcoz after every restart windows 10 restore the policy regarding driver signature.

    so what can i do now to save my sound card driver from windows 10?
    thanks in advance
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    Why bother trying to install such an antique sound card??? Just get a more modern one off eBay or at your local computer shop... :thinking:
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    Does not sound as a signature problem, if you install an unsigned driver, then you remove the test mode, you get a question mark on the device, and you get a clear erro that tells why the driver is not loaded.

    Whatever I suggest you to test the driver on LTSB 2016 or,even better LTSB 2015 (MS broke a lot of driver things since 1511/10586).
    I can't see any point on using such recent windows on ancient PC, the only worth updated features are on linux subsystem and Hyper-V and both of them aren't available on x86 OS, everything else is just useless updated metro crap.
  4. actually its a new sound card manufactured in 2015, but the manufacturer used a old sound processor inside. the good sound card in market or online comes with pci-e but my graphic card is using pci-e so only left is pci slot. and i've searched and i cant find pci sound card with support of win 10 or even 7 or 8.1.most pci sound card have listed support for till xp.

    the driver works, but it uninstall itself on 1 out of 10 reboots.i just tested it on 8.1 and 7 and got the same problem with disabled driver signature. so i guess its not a signature problem.
    if anyone have knowledge on this subject, pls share here so i can make this driver work perfectly.
    on another subject linux mint can play it on both 64 and 86 systems but windows dont have any drivers for 64.
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    Have you tried:

    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


    It can make some older drivers work with a fresh install of a later W10 version that removed support for them.