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    Just for emphasis THERE IS NO 'LOCATION' TAB FOR ME USE!!!*

    I originally moved my 'Documents' and 'Music" Personal folders to a USB drive and it worked great as long as I remembered to plug in my USB before booting.

    I changed cases and the USB plugs all got changed around. There were NO internal hardware changes at all.

    Now my Documents and Music folders do not respond as expected. Clicking on the links in the start menu does nothing. The menu doesn't even actuate. Rclicking on them and going to properties brings up a tabbed dialog box for a standard shortcut file item with no 'Location' tab for me to change it to the new drive letter of the USB drive.

    What is a DIFFERENT way to change the paths of the personal folders then the locations tab WHICH DOESN'T APPEAR when I go to properties by Rclicking the links.

    Just for emphasis THERE IS NO 'LOCATION' TAB FOR ME USE!!!*

    *can you tell I've asked on a few forums and got that response EVERY time?

    Thanks ahead of time!
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