Phoenix BIOS Problem, Travelmate 7520G

Discussion in 'Windows 7' started by orkidea, Sep 8, 2009.

  1. orkidea

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    Sep 7, 2009
    Ok so I have a problem with Acer travelmate 7520g BIOS editing..or I think so..
    Been playing around with my desktop BIOS + others before but ive never touched a PHOENIX..and a laptop so kinda scared at doing this.
    I got v-1.16 on at the moment with SLIC 2.0, theres new 1 downloadable (v-1.17) with sum upgrades but also with SLIC 2.0 which im trying to edit so I could use with w7.
    1.16 had separate folders with .wph and .rom files included, .wph with the acer 'in windows' flasher and .rom with phlash16 etc to make a floppy to do ur thing.

    1.17 however is only 1 large windows executable file which includes the flasher and bios, flasher is not compatible wiv my 64bit system so it crashes on start and i couldnt flash it on and back it up later; Its only for "vista32"
    I used HxD to find the bios file within it, comparing the lines between 1.16.wph and 1.17.exe was able to find it (both begin with exact same values and end with same also) and made a new file called 1.17.wph. I dont know why my PBE cant open those .wph files, even the original 1.16, just says "invalid ROM length" but it opens .rom files which are lil bit smaller, so i compared 1.16.rom and 1.17.wph and noticed theres theres stuff i dont know about at the end of the .wph files.
    I removed it and got myself an 1.17.ROM file where I changed the SLIC to 2.1 and it opens fine with PBE too, got it built up and now I'm wondering should I flash with WinFlash64 the 1.17.WPH or the 1.17.ROM file? whats the difference between those 2? :confused:
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    May 6, 2007
    Let me post some hints.

    -Don't flash through 64bit, it isn't reliable.
    -The exe file contains the flash tool, the bios.rom and the platform.bin all in one.
    -The *.rom file is usually the pure bios data to open and edit with PBE.
    -The *.wph file contains the rom data plus the platform.bin appended to the end.
    -The platform.bin contain flash instructions needed to flash properly, the smaller rom file alone doesn't flash.
    -Flash from pure DOS, or at least from 32 bit OS using the *.wph file for dos, or the modded exe for 32 bit OS.
    -Don't use PBE to rebuild the bios, mod manually by exchanging the SLIC data.

    Therefore the complex lenovo way is needed. If you want to get a safe mod, use a manually modded one. If you don't want to mess with the 'lenovo way' request for a mod, busykid is using the phoenix tool already to mod it safely. The mod tool is not available to the public yet, it's still under development and will be available when it's ready.

    -Bioses that are rebuild by PBE sometimes brick the Notebook.
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  3. orkidea

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    Sep 7, 2009
    Ah thanks! :) 32bit OS isnt an option to install just for a bios update, unless it was a live-cd 1 which i wouldnt trust enough in this. Always felt more comfortable within DOS anyway :p
    So if I cut off the 1.17.wph from my executable and just replace the SLIC table with the new 1 I got; it should work 'out-of-the-box' in a floppy-boot?