Phoenix BIOS - Right Tool To Access Memory Timing

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    I have a Gigabyte GA-2CEWH motherboard. It has a Phoenix BIOS flashed to F14 -- the latest from Gigabyte. I have some 2GB sticks of RAM that the "Auto" timing settings do not work with. I want to change the setting to Manual, and then be able to enter the CL, tRAS, etc. myself.

    This is hidden / unavailable in the F14 BIOS.

    I am a longtime techie. I have flashed many BIOS's over the years, but I have never modded one.

    deprecated from original post:

    I read this about Andy's SLIC tool:

    Does "locks removed" mean hidden items are made visible? Or does it just make the BIOS modifiable by another program or what? I guess my real question is, if I use the SLIC tool on the F14 bios file, does it unhide all the hidden options, or do I need to do additional steps after that?
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