photo recovery on a pantech flex p8010...

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  1. rmcphiex1

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    Apr 23, 2012
    i have a
    pantech Flex p8010.
    i had a grip of jpegs in my download folder and I cut them all to paste them into my sd card. When I tried to paste them a file with the same name was of course in the folder so it asked if I wanted to continue, I clicked not to and then it started to paste some other files but then it stopped. When it was finished it had only pasted one file. I returned to the download folder to see if the rest were there but it was empty. Any known ways to ge3t them back? I'm all open for suggestions.
  2. Misscoco

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    May 3, 2014
    Did you delete something by accident or something else?
    Or virus attack?
    Anyway if you want to restore your data, try recovery tool.
    I only know this way.
    You can try 4Card Recovery, icare and others to retrieve your data.
    [FONT="宋体"]The detailed steps are here. [/FONT][FONT="宋体"][/FONT][FONT="宋体"]Step one. Download 4Crad Recovery on your computer.[/FONT][FONT="宋体"][/FONT][FONT="宋体"]Step two. Start it and select the files that you wan to recover, you can choose to restore all as well.[/FONT][FONT="宋体"][/FONT][FONT="宋体"]Step three. Choose the [/FONT][FONT="宋体"]next[/FONT][FONT="宋体"] button to scan it and here you just need to wait for several minutes.[/FONT][FONT="宋体"][/FONT][FONT="宋体"]Step four. Keep your recovered data on the other part.
    Unless the original data not changed, or you won't be able to do that.
    Have a try.[/FONT]​