Playstation Vita Review (Wifi Only)

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Are you going to buy the PS Vita?

  1. Yes, it looks awesome!

  2. No, too expensive

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    This release of this console is another high-risk move from Sony (See PSP Go) that is seeing them gamble with their price. However you'll be happy to know that the Vita, unlike the Go, is not only sleek and sexy but is well worth your money with a host of amazing new features and a semi-decent launch line-up - this is very good considering that most other consoles (See Nintendo 3DS) have very poor games at launch.

    To be honest, the Vita's battery life isn't very impressive. In fact, it's similar to the PSP Go with a gaming session of having Bluetooth and Wifi on clocked at 4 hours, despite the massive size difference. However, considerning the sheer power of the device, and its multihost of features and graphical prowess, this is very acceptable.The PS Vita has a quad-core processor and GPU - both of which are needed to drive it's gorgeous 5" OLED touchscreen which has a resolution of 960 x 544. Besides, you're not going to really have full on gaming sessions with a handheld for over 4 hours, right? Even on a long journey, you're eyes get tired. Recharging the unit from 0% to 100% takes 2 hours and 30 minutes.

    = SCREEN =

    The PS Vita is armed with a gorgeous 5" OLED touchscreen which has a resolution of 960 x 544, as i previously mentioned. It's a great display, with accurate color reproduction, good viewing angles, vibrant colours and deep blacks which sometimes blur the line betweenscreen and bezel. Despite this, it is on no way on par with something like the iPhone's retina display. It doesn't matter, though because it's awesome while running games. One problem i do have is that it is not smudge-proof AT ALL. You are bound to smudge this and there is a higher risk of scratching this than earlier Sony handhelds (See PSP) because of the very repetive use of the touchscreen in games and the new LiveArea - Sony's replacement to the XMB on PSP's - so you better get a screen protector on day 1 with it. Me, well i've ordered a screen protector and i'm actually not going to play the Vita until the screen protector arrives. Yes,that's how scared I am.


    The Vita itself is quite heavier and bigger than other handhelds have been , and much less portable. It is even bigger than the PSP 1000 (Despite being lighter) and will stick out of any pocket.

    The rear touch pad is works well, but however as with the screen it smudges and scratches easily, but the back obviously doesn't matter as much as the front but is still important so i advise getting a screen protector that protects both sides.It looks as big as the screen and adds a new dimension to games, but takes some getting used to. The two built in cameras in the front and back aren't that bad, considering that they are in fact VGA cameras at a 640x480 resolution. Later on from launch Sony added recording Video support (With firmware version 1.61 i think). The two speakers aren't that bad, neither good nor bad, and are pretty loud. The microphone, when tested in that one application in "Welcome Park" is surprisingly average quality, however the application doesn't do justice to it. It's all over the place and confusing. The Vita also has a gyorscope, accelerometer, GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and 3G (If you buy the 3G model). So specifications are quite good.

    = SOFTWARE =
    The Vita has a touchscreen operating system based on Android, which they have developed in conjunction with Google, in an effort to ditch the old boring and dull XMB interface present on the PSX, PS3 and PSP, to appeal more to the phone market and host the numerous features more intuitively, through the new touchscreen.
    The home screen is made up of bubble icons and navigation is fairly simple. The whole OS is designed for
    touchscreen use, however the fact that you can't use the physical buttons at all will upset PSP owners, I for one enjoyed using the physical buttons to either navigate through a movie or a web site on the PSP. (Despite it's crap Internet specs) The new browser is all right, Sony are talking about expanding the featureset of the Vita thorugh HTML-5 compatibility, this would mean a better alternative to Flash (which was on the old PSP, it sucked) and woould allow you to play videos easily on sites like YouTube, and access Hotmail and the like. However on test the web broser proved fast, responsive, despite the absence of the usage of physical buttons, but upon further examination it is evident that it is full of glitches, keeps freezing and definetly needs some work. Typing may hurt you as you have to hold the Vita as a console and because of the large size of the Vita's screen. You're fingers just can't reach easily sometimes, and i have really LONG fingers, so just speaking from experience. The web browser also seems cluttered with options sometimes, however this isn't a deal breaker, the internet is still much better than the PSP's, or the DS's by far, and with some work could be amazing. I for one, would suggest Sony to cooperate with Google once more to bring a variant of Google Chrome on there. Now THAT would be great.

    I should also add, upon closer examination, the software needs some work! It freezes constantly, and one day it even froze 5 times on me! Yes, 5!

    = GAMES =
    As i mentioned previously, in contrast to other launch titles for other launch consoles (Once again see Nintendo 3DS)
    the games aren't so bad and there are even some decent ones. There are around 25 games available from launch day and i've only played a few.

    Sony have explicitly stated Vita won't suffer the same fate as previous PSP's, there is currently 100 different games in development for it, including the hotly anticipated MGS: HD Collection, and Sony promises they aim on keeping tis development rate smooth and continuous. They also acknowledged the fact the developers found the PS3 hard to develop for, and promised way before launch that the PS Vita is their "most accessible console yet" and the easiest to develop for, so hopefully this will keep developers coming.

    Unlike the PSP Go, there is no 16GB internal storage on this one and you'll have to buy a pricey memory card in order to download games from the PSN Store or even save your games. This is an evil move by Sony as they could easily support SD cards, the cheapest and one of the most popular storage mediums today, but they choose to make an entirely different one in order to bank on it. Smooth moves, Sony. Me personally i got an amazing deal at Amazon who give you a pre-order deal - Vita for £210, along with FREE 8GB memory stick and a game for £15 from a pre-defined list - from which i chose Rayman: Origins. I was originally going to choose Uncharted: Golden Abyss, but it wasn't on the list. However upon now tesing both games i like Rayman better, it is easily one of the best side scrollers of this generation. Not to say that Uncharted is bad, but yeah. Uncharted is a well designed representation of what the Vita is capable of, and is absolutely gorgeous and fast with almost no lag. However loading times are a problem , but Sony has guaranteed that they will solve this problem with firmware updates.

    The Vita is also backwards-compatible with most PSP games you purchased from the PSN Store. PSP games are upscaled
    to four times their resolution on the Vita's screen but they look OK. Sony WAS working on a UMD passport program
    which will allow you to register your old PSP UMD games and downoad them for the Vita at a reduced price, however they just announced that it would be Japan only. Damn. Oh well, they're not that expensive on PSN anyway, and you could always keep your old 1000 you bought on launch day for emergency Peace Walker sessions - it's not like it costs much now anyway :)

    = VERDICT =
    The Vita is easily the best portable console on the market today, but many may not get it due to the price, considering the 3DS (PS Vita's rival) is £80 cheaper many will go for the 3DS for their kids and themselves to save money, but at a glance one can tell that this thing is worth the money and to quote Vegeta "OVER 9000!!!!" times better than the 3DS - and this time around - Sony are actually supporting it right with a solid game lineup for the future and the switch to cartridges - a massive improvement to the horrible, whirring, slow UMD discs on the PSP.

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    :eek:Wow nice huge review thanks !
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    XD with Mavis Beacon's help, i am a super fast typer.
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    [h=2]PS Vita is a very good console.[/h]
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    It is very good, but needs GAMES. it can run things like Uncharted, nearly as powerful as the PS3 so why not put a little something on the vita as well? i, for one, do NOT want to be stuck playing little deviants for the rest of my life - and now ive sort of realised - this thing needs hella work. They need to fix the internet browser, and STOP the freezing! it froze on me 5 times today! 5!!!!