Please help...Asus x501A !!

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    Jun 23, 2014
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    Hello everyone,

    I badly need a asus x501a bios dump ...i found one on the net but its x501a1 version, flashed it using my programmer and pc starts but it displays whitescreen on screen is ok on output monitor..though when i update the bios using easy update from bios and usb containing asus bios update file...updates alright but rom verification fails...

    I have to mention that i need the 8mb one and not the capsule 6mb...the full bios dump is 8mb downloaded with the flash programmer...

    took a look at my original not working dump with mmtools and its version x501a....
    motherboard is x401a rev 3.0 with the cpu with bga package....

    please if you have a full dump anywhere ...please help...or tell me how to combine the part from my failed dump with the capsule bin from asus website so i can repair my full chip dump..

    Thanks a million!
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    Jun 23, 2014

    Thanks for the reply...

    As i have mentioned, i need the full bios dump and not the capsulate one from asus site.. Bios died so theres no way to flash it using the file from asus, ive got no post screen just leds powering up...

    Ive flashed the chip with a full dump but the x501a1 version, laptop starts fine afterwards but ive got white screen on the laptops screen and good video on external monitor.

    I need a full dump or a way to extract the dmi part thats not flashable by normal bios updating method and combine it with the bios capsule from asus to get a full dump, and then write it on
    the chip with my programmer...
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    Have I got this right. You can take out your BIOS chip, run it through a Eeprom tool and bobs your uncle, lappy back up and running..

    Have you thought about buying a BIOS chip and slinging that in. Ebay has some, £15 but shipped from USA. Might be summet to think about and then you would have a spare cause you would be able to dump from the new chip and write it to the old chip. Keeping it safe for the future, just in case it goes belly up again.

    I was gunna buy me one of these tools but they were dear at the time.

    Sorry I cant be of more help.