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    Ran a Kaspersky security scan and came up with the following:

    Vulnerabilities (3)

    Information about applications and operating system components in which vulnerabilities have been detected.

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Hp\Digital Imaging\help\player\FlashPla.exe
    C:\Program Files (x86)\TeamViewer\Version7\TeamViewer.exe

    Other issues (11)

    Information about vulnerabilities associated with the settings of installed applications and the operating system.

    "Autorun from hard drives is allowed"
    "Autorun from network drives is enabled"
    "CD/DVD autorun is enabled"
    "Removable media autorun is enabled"
    "Windows Explorer - show extensions of known file types"
    "Microsoft Internet Explorer: clear history of typed URLs"
    "Microsoft Internet Explorer - disable caching data received via protected channel"
    "Microsoft Internet Explorer: disable sending error reports"
    "Microsoft Internet Explorer: enable cache autocleanup on browser closing"
    "Windows Explorer: display of known file types extensions is disabled"
    "Microsoft Internet Explorer: start page reset"

    Do i need to fix any of these or should I just leave them alone? If i need to fix them please tell me what I need to do.

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    Virus in Documents

    The main issues with document management except Ash conversions is that it connects with the nearest LAN or WAN without notification.So please change your option to always ask for connection will be helpful for you to choose the desired network.
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    Kaspersky doesn't offer to fix the threats it finds? Of course it's always a good idea to have a clean system image on standby in case of FUBARs.