Possible on a HP a6757c

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    Hello all,
    Sorry if this in the wrong spot and move if needed but seemed most logical to me.
    I have a HP a6757c that I want to upgrade to Windows 7 with SLIC 2.1 activation
    I checked with the toolkit since it was right near the change over and though it might have it
    but is it on slic 2.0
    after checking the HP page does not list any available bios updates to download
    so nothing there to test
    I also searched the forum here and the internet for this make and model and nothing came up.
    I was wondering if there is anyway to upgrade the machine to one with slic 2.1 or if there were any better was of getting that type of activation working on here or is a software solution the best way to go.
    If it is a going to be software what loader would you recomend over the slic method.
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    motherboard is M2N68-LA Narra3 by asus for HP
    bios version u see on screen at boot ? 5.xx ?

    might have to use awdflash 1.3x from asus to make backup.rom


    to make proper mod use ISA method not dynamic.. post a backup fo your bios winflash or awdflash in usb dos.
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    Will definitely take a look at that.
    I forgot that you can backup bios using these bios. LOL
    Will take a look at that then when I get home.
    The bios on it currently is 5.17 I remember that. And it is award bios.
    didn't find a matched version but will pull and see what it does.