Prevent Google Connect To Your Devices

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    i create this analytic for refference only.

    do remove google make phone not contact the google?
    unfortunately only a little (google is unable to track you via service but will able to via website)

    and some apps still trying to contact (Which mean GCM Server) to send push messange notification

    and tracker from web like i mention above....

    then how to prevent tracking without anything? (only ADB Required)
    1. Remove All GAPPS And Vendor App (they usefull
    but contain tracker)
    2. Do Not Use App From Play Store Mostly Of Them Ofc Closed Source Doesn't Respect Your Privacy

    3. Use FOSS App Instead They Won't Need GCM For Notification Thought
    4. Block All Tracker From Website By Following Method:
    -using hardened browser like tor
    -Hardening Your Own Browser (Check Spoiler)

    - Disable JavaScript And All Cookies (Included First Party Cookies)
    - Disable Web RCT (Prevent IP Leaking)
    - Use Hardened Browser Like Ungoogled Chromium
    (Plus Extension Ofc) Or TOR Browser (if You NOT REALLY Need It Then Don't Use It As TOR Can Ruin The Whole Wi-Fi Speed)

    More Info Hardening Browser:

    Nextcloud Client On Android Required GCM But We Can Be Tricked With Access From Website (Use Browser Like UC Doesn't Required GCM To Send Notification)

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